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There is something notably lacking in this forest. Not an auspicious start when you are looking for trees.



On the way up to see bristlecone pines in the Inyo National Forest


 A bristlecone pine. I don't know how old this one is. I was surprised at how small the pinecones are. This was late summer and everything was so dry that it might have burned if you had showed it a picture of a fire.


The solidified throat of an ancient volcano at Mono Lake. This is solid obsidian and very sharp.



A solar power plant in the Mojave desert.


 The view descending into Death Valley.



Sand dunes in Death Valley.




An interesting study of plants and sand.




 Some of the colorful rock formations in Death Valley.


 A date palm grove. 




 The lowest point in the U.S. It doesn't smell all that great, either.


 A small dust devil. I decided to see what it would be like to let one run over me. This one doesn't look like much but when it passed over me my ears and nose were instantly plugged with sand and there was sand underneath every bit of clothing. It was cool to stand in the middle of the vortex, though.


A natural arch. When I saw this I thought "That looks climbable".When I came back the other way a guy had climbed it so I was pretty much compelled to match his feat. It's about 20 feet or so to the top.


A fault line. You can clearly see where the two sides have been displaced.



A water chute. When it rains the water drains from the land above to the arroyo below through here.



'Waxworks' rock formation. This is caused by water slowly dripping down from above.



 The highest point in the continential U.S., Mt. Whitney, is on the right.




A forest fire outside of Victorville. This fire burned for over a week. By the time it was over you could only see the sky by looking straight up.



The smoke did cause some pretty sunsets, though.









































































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