Below are links to expositions I have written on experiences in; or about; the State of Florida.




A park on Tampa Bay in St. Petersburg. This view is due East and Tampa is North and to the left. I have watched many a Space Shuttle launch from this vantage point.

A baobob tree in Round Lake Park. Prior to living here I thought baobobs only grew in Africa.


Round Lake in the center of the eponymous neighborhood where I spent most of my time in St. Petersburg. The lake was known to harbor gators.

The last place I lived, this garage apartment is in the Old Northeast neighborhood, one of the better locations in the city. Known for it's mature trees and brick streets.

The Open Air Post Office downtown. The PO boxes are all located outside just behind the arches.

Haslam's Book Store. This is St. Petersburg's version of Powell's Used Books in Portland.


The Yellow Submarine. This mural was painted on the back of a building just outside of downtown. At one time there were ventilation ducts on top painted to look like snorkels.

A log cabin in St. Petersburg.


A canoe trail. There is a park in the northeast part of the city that features miles of canoe trails through the mangrove swamps. It is a very pleasant way to spend some time, but you have to bring your own canoe. One trail requires traversing the open water of Tampa Bay which in a canoe is , uh, interesting.

Those without canoes can access the park via these walkways.


Whether by land or by sea you will end up at any of several bayous. Here you can watch the mullet flop around.


This is why people from all over the world come to the Gulf Coast.


You can see some really outstanding sunsets from the Gulf beaches and there are many open-air restaurants and bars in the Gulf communities from which to do it.


It took many years for me to get an image of a sunset with a boat crossing in front.


Another beautiful end to the day. The Florida Gulf Coast is the only place I have seen the green flash at sunset.