Below are links to expositions  written on experiences in; or about; the State of Hawai'i.

A Day at Pearl Harbor

Climbing Diamond Head

Maui Mauka

Notes from Paradise





The island of Oahu from the sea.  


The apartment building I lived in the first time.



Iolani Palace



A hiaku memorial


The dead in some Honolulu cemetaries have nicer homes than the living.


A Hawai'ian legend - Duke Kanahamoku


Shades of the 19th century


Canoe races on the Ala Wai canal



Daily rain in the Nui valley


Lava meets tree


Lava meets sea



Blowhole on the way to Hanauma Bay. Not very impressive in calm conditions but very much so with a 30 knot wind.


The view of Hanauma Bay at the entrance to park. A popular place to spend a day off.


The view of Hanauma Bay from the headland


Another day in paradise comes to an end




















































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