I became interested in photography as a way of capturing a visual record of experiences I'd had. I started with a basic point-and-shoot camera and later bought a couple of SLR bodies and various lenses and filters. I have found that while the more sophisticated equipment makes for a better quality image in terms of technical execution, composition is the essence of good photography just as it is in writing. The writer uses nuance and shades of meaning to create a visual image or convey information; the photographer uses light, shadow, and visual cues to preserve a moment in time or to tell a story in a single image.

Although I have a technical background I am not a photography 'techie'. I know enough about film speed, f-stops, and filters to make reasonable judgements about how to shoot an image but my primary concern is composition and visual impact. Some technical knowledge is required to ensure that the image in my 'mind's eye' is what is captured but photography is a creative outlet for me, not a profession.

I have learned to use several photo manipulation programs and I use them to clean up photos by removing dust particles or enhancing contrast where light conditions were difficult. The photographs sprinkled about this website are original unless otherwise noted and with the exception of the panoramic shots are unadulturated. I usually shoot ASA 100 print film at 1/125th second with a 50mm lens and filters and f-stop as appropriate.

Of the hundreds of photos I have shot I have selected my 21 favorites. Clicking on the thumbnail in the gallery below will bring up that photo along with some information on it. Some of these photos were taken with a point-and-shoot and others with an SLR. Can you tell which are which?


The Top 21

Albany bridgeFoggy woodsThe Evergreen State?Hood RiverParvin bridgeSante Fe all the wayThree Sisters
Bright spot on a grey dayA virtual forestQuinault rain forestSand dune at Death Valley Solar power facilityPainted DesertThe Patriarchs
Maui waterfallTrophy PointUss ConstitutionFlorida sunsetSunset over the Columbia GorgeSunset at the Gorge AmphitheaterWaikiki sunset